Building the future of marketing in web3

In February 2022, we launched the first web3 growth community. We brought together the top web3 growth leaders from Ledger, CoinMarketCap, Dapper Labs, and many more to create a vision for our industry.

Many conversations later, it became clear that growth and marketing would look very different in the next version of the web. We believe:

- Web2 and Web3 will coexist for a long time. Our identities will be split between them, making the web2 attribution system outdated.
- Web3 creates a shift where data is open and transparent. Growth leaders have access to user data they never had in web2 (transactions, balances). Yet this data is not accessible without high costs that only a few can afford.
- A new attribution standard is necessary for web3 to reach mainstream adoption.

Today, web3 companies are flying blind. They don’t know how the time and money they spend on their marketing efforts translates to revenue. This prohibits them from calculating channel ROI and making informed decisions about what new channels and partnerships to invest in.

We’re on a mission to rebuild the marketing stack in web3, starting with a powerful new attribution system designed to bring web3 to the masses. Our privacy-friendly infrastructure will enable every company to thrive in the new internet.

- The Safary team